«Rhythm is my birthright. I am the drum of my heart. I am connected to the rhythm of the universe. The drum is my creative canvas. The drum is my healing ally. The heartbeat of the drum is calling me home.» Say these after me. «The heartbeat of my drum is calling me home. I am part of the pulse of wellness. The creative inspiration of nature flows through my drum. The drum connects me to the healing elements of nature. The drum accepts anything I need to express. The drum can take it. It’s really true. I allow my creative voice to speak through the drum. I allow my creative voice to speak through the drum. The drum is a tool to get out of my head into my heart, into the body.

Anything you want to affirm right now, you want to declare in your healing drum journey, you can speak that now. I am part of a global Shift Network tribe of healing rhythm. Let’s say that. We are part of a global tribe of healing rhythm. We carry the sacred drum lineage into our lives. The drum deepens my soul, uplifts my spirit, allows my creativity to be expressed. Ashe.

Christine Stevens

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